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Ok so we had an early start on our 2nd day of Axxess it was due to start at 8:30 but I think we got there at about 7:45 we had VIP and they opened the doors at about 8:25 we went in and went down the VIP signing area and the security guy said the VIP signing was not until 9:30 so we went back to our favorite signing area number 5. 
My Pic of Vickie
Vickie's Pic I'm In There Somewhere lol
Of course Vickie never comes alone and she did bring somebody with her along with his new haircut she brought the All American American Jack Swagger.
After we had a little chat with both Jack & Vickie both seemed like very cool people and Jack said he would being on the winning team at WrestleMania which was funny because Teddy Long had told me the same thing the day before at the same signing booth, I guessed only one would be right. We had a look around to see who was signing and me and my girlfriend went to see different people she went off to see.......
And as I have always been a massive fan and always chat to him on Twitter I had to go and meet the legend that is.....
Rikishi and The Usos they all seemed really nice had a really good chat to Rikishi about the Territory League and asked when he was bringing it too the UK and he told me soon he also asked if he followed me on Twitter and told me he likes to follow all his fans.  After we had finished here it was about 9:45 so we went and got in the que for the VIP signing. We got in the que and I could not believe how big the line was but it was cool the way it was set up because we could see the ring and after some guy talking rubbish they brought Drew McIntyre out to face.....
The Internet Champion Zack Ryder these two had a good match, Zack Ryder picked up the win after this match they did some other stuff in the ring but once that had finished they brought out a guest ring announcer from FCW Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero) the next match up was Antonio Cesaro Vs Big E Langston, these two had a good match but I was busy watching the superstars leaving because it was change over time.
Jimmy Hart & Jim Ross leaving.
I'm thinking the Big E won but I'm not 100% sure so don't hold me to that I really was to busy as we was nearly at the front of the que and I was about to meet one of my all time favorite wrestlers a 9-time World/Heavyweight champion The Viper.... 
What can I really say about Randy Orton seemed like a really nice bloke really friendly to all the fans and was very glad I got to meet him. After we had finished talking with Randy we went to see who was where I ended up going and get in the que for the National Guard signing which was another massive que but it was well worth it because I got to meet the lovely Eve. 
As we was in the que Zack Ryder kept running past and it was really funny every time he did he had more and more people with him then after about the 3rd or 4th time he saw Eve and went up on the stage with her and offered his headband and Eve said yes after alot of YES YES YES chant's from the crowd.
I think Eve might have been sick as she kept coughing and blowing her nose alot but she still looked beautiful  and I told her that when I got up there. She was so pretty up close and so nice to everyone a really amazing person. After meeting Eve the time was nearly up but we went and had a look around the WWE memorabilla section and that was pretty cool got to see alot of cool things from outfits wore by superstars to the car that Edge smashed up at Wrestlemania 27. Then we walked around and this guy was signing autographs.....
The Legend Harley Race
As we come out it was nearly time up but I thought maybe I would be able to catch some of the superstars leaving as I had the day before and they was 1 autograph that I really wanted and that was Lita so went and stood next to where she was signing but when she left she didn't sign anything and just left she was one of my favorite ever divas but she seemed like she just wanted to leave maybe she didn't wanna be there or something who knows. 
After she had left we was on our way out when we heard a massive cheer and looked up and saw Booker T leaving again I tried to get him to sign my book but today was just not my day and I didn't get him either.
Overall it was another good day was kind of annoyed that we run out of time and I didn't get Lita or Booker autographs and I think the Friday night seemed a lot less busier I know on the Saturday morning Alberto Del Rio and  Ricardo Rodriguez I believe at signing 5 but again we just didn't have time. If we do get to go again think I would maybe do the Thursday & Friday but the Saturday was all about meeting Randy Orton and everything else was a bonus and of course I got to meet my now new favorite diva Eve so it was awesome.

Well WrestleMania has now been and gone and what can I say it was AWESOME! On the Wednesday March 28th we went to Walmart and met Rosa Mendes & Ted DiBiase. Rosa seemed very quiet and shy but was nice, Ted was awesome and we had a good chat about his injured ankle and the main event of The Rock and John Cena. This was a really relaxed way to start my WrestleMania week. 
WrestleMania Axxess started on the Thursday night we didn't have tickets to this one. Our Axxess started on the Friday night the set up was abit strange once we got inside the wrestler's were not there. There was 5 signing booths, but you always had Legends , National Guard, Undertaker's Graveyard. The only problem I had was that we did know who was signing where if you lived in the US you could get a text from WWE Mobile but as we don't we just had to pick a que and hope for the best. We went to signing number 5 and got....... 
So after about an hour we got to the front of the que. Got some autographs and some pic's Teddy was nice and Zeke arms are MASSIVE he was a funny guy making funny faces and posing for all us fans. Once we had gotten down from the stage we went for a walk around to see who else was signing then we went to the hall of champions which was very cool to see all the old belts. 
As we was walking round somebody told us who was signing where after the change over, I didn't know but they only sign for two hours then they change and somebody else comes and does a signing. So after we finished looking at things we went back and got in signing number 5 again when we got in the que it seemed kind of big but once everyone found out who was signing it was a massive que and just seemed to keep get bigger & bigger every time I looked but then it was for one of the best divas around right now......
It was amazing meeting both Natayla & Tyson Kidd these two are really nice people and I really wish WWE would put them on TV and use them right. I can not say enough about how nice they are they just seemed to have all the time in the world to talk to the fans, Natayla was taking pics and posting them on Twitter which I thought was pretty cool. Again just two really nice people. After we was done here we went over and checked on the video game challenge that was taking place in the ring it was the semi-finals and it was the eventual winner AJ Lee taking on Cody Rhodes and also Mark Herny taking on Michael McGillicutty. As we stood watching I turned to my left and Scott Stanford was stood there chatting so I got his autograph and a pic he also told me if I wait until 2015 it might be worth something. After this we went and had another look around and saw that Dolph Ziggler was doing the magazine shoot but alot of people wanted that so we went into Undertaker's Graveyard it seemed really quiet going in but once we was in it was very busy and alot of people waiting to meet Paul Bearer. Took a picture of Triple H's future plot.
Once we had finished in the Graveyard it was nearly the end of the time we had but we said we would have one last look around and as we was looking I saw another two people that I really wanted to meet but did not see until the end I was pretty pissed that I had missed them but I did get a high five from both of them as they was leaving so that made me abit happier. 
Yep it was The Bella Twins as they was leaving lots of people seemed to be going towards the legends stage so I went over and had a look and Good Old JR was stood there signing autographs so I grabbed my book and some how managed to get him to sign it. Then as we was about to leave Hunico & Camacho came down off there signing stage and I also get there autographs. Also managed to get a couple of pics of this loser below on the way out. 
I really did not want to leave but I knew that I was coming back the next day so thought we had better leave as we was coming back the next day at the 8am Axxess and I wanted to be back early. But that is all for now I will be back with the next day soon.